Ordering Labs

The self service ordering of labs is a feature enabled for organisations to purchase labs directly from go deploy. In order to do this they must have completed an onboarding process. Once this has been completed the following process will guide you through how to order labs.
1. Once you have been granted permissions for your organisation you should log back into the LMS at https://lms.godeploy.it
Note: If your organisation has a custom portal simply login using that URL.
In the top right hand corner you will see the new Business Unit icon (small tower building icon). Select this and select Manage - Your organisation name.
2. You will now be presented with an Orders page where you may create orders for your classes.
3. Click + New Order
4. Enter a Purchase Order Number for the order you are placing and click +Add Item.
5. On the Add Order Item screen, use the drop down to select the product (Course/Lab) you wish to purchase then select the feature set (a feature set includes the access period and save period for courses and associated price for your organisation) then enter the quantity. Once you have completed the form click Add.
6. The Item will now be added to your order. You may, if you wish, add another item to the same order.
7. Once you have added all the items you wish to order, click the check box next to the I agree to the go deploy Terms & Conditions and click Place Order.
8. Your order will now be displayed in the orders screen and can be viewed by clicking the View Order link on the right hand side.
9. Now you need to issue the keys. Click on the Keys open on the hub menu
10. You will see an entry for every item you added to your order. You have two options:
View Key: This enables you to view which students have redeemed a key once issued. Email Key: This enables you to send an email with the access instructions to a user/instructor or yourself.
11. Below shows the screen when clicking on View Key. This is where you can see what students have redeemed a key after the course has started.
12. The screen below shows the screen when you choose Email Key. Enter an email address you wish to send the lab access instructions to and click the green "+" symbol. This will then add the email to the list of people you wish to send the lab key to. You can add as many email addresses as you wish. Once you have added a list of email addresses simply click "Send" and the email will be sent immediately.
13. Depending on your billing cycle you invoice will automatically be sent to you.