Shadowing Users

Shadowing Users enables Instructors to monitor both progress and the actions students/attendees are carrying out in their lab environments.

Shadowing a Users Lab Session

Once logged into the LMS, click on the Instructor Home icon in the top right hand corner.
If this is the first time you have used the Instructor area then you will see the following screen:
This is where you need to create a class. Click Add One. (If you already used the instructor area before click + Create)
Enter the access key for your class.
Note: You are not redeeming the key here, you are associating the key with your instructor area.
Select the date the class/course will start. Enter any notes you may feel useful in the future then click the confirm check box and click Create Class.
Your live classes will now be presented to you. Click Start.
As students enroll on the course (redeem a key) they will be shown under the students section. You can click the refresh button to see newly enrolled students.
You can simply select the students name from the drop-down list.
In the Lab Info section you will see what lab the student has launched.
To shadow/assist a user/student select the virtual machine you wish to assist with. In order to interact you will need to enable the Keyboard and Mouse check boxes. The virtual machine controls are underneath this section.
You can either watch the student carrying out the task or control the virtual machine(s).
Where the lab required an Azure / Office 365 / Dynamics 365 tenant and credentials, you will see the allocated tenant credentials for the student you have selected.
You will note in the progress area you can monitor the progress of steps the student has carried out.
Note: This is subject to them clicking the check boxes next to the tasks in the lab guide
We hope you enjoy this feature and it become an invaluable tool.